Certified Horizontal Split Case Fire Pumps

Our Horizontal Split Case Fire Pumps are UL Listed & FM Approved and are in compliance to NFPA 20 Design Requirements. The fire Pumps come in a wide range of Flows and pressures ranging from 150 psi to 2000 psi. All SFFECO Split Case Pumps pass through rigorous Hydrostatic & Performance test, as required by global standards. These Fire pumps are available in Electric Motor & Diesel Engine Driven configurations.


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Technical Data Table

The range of Horizontal Split Case Fire Pumps has a wide array of models, which come in varied flows & pressures. For more detailed information please contact our sales team or you can download our Catalog from below.


  1. All Pumps are Hydrostatically Tested to minimum of 150% of its Maximum Working Pressure and can withstand Double the Max.Working Pressure.
  2. All Pumps have Clock-Wise Rotation when viewed from the Driver Side.
  3. All Pumps are horizontal single stage Pumps.
  4. “The rated speed marked on the pump can vary within +/-4% of the listed/ approved rated speed example: 3000 RPM pump can be driven with 2900 RPM Drivers.”